Atterberg Limits

from by Staylefish

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You can’t believe, can't believe them
cause they’ll tell you it feels good
while the cynics gnash their teeth
a part of me feels deceit when
the fruits of life cease to blossom
and you cant afford the seeds

we’ll spin the world ‘til it clicks in
to test the liquid/plastic limits
as it slips out from beneath
(and no) we can’t survive if our nature
is to sell you free
commodify the air you breathe

How we gonna hang when every time they bang
The groove gonna close up in the cup
We got it
Figured out wrong, thought the thread it was so long
But we groping the end of the rope
to stop it
We go have to go back find the genesis of wrong because
We're living the life-that we-set up

We’re just slipping away

I can’t believe what I’m seeing
raised to love one another
wipe their blood off on your sleeves
we’ll burn the flag in your honor
There’s no pride when your head’s down
stiff from staring at your feet

We’ll strip the world of it’s riches
to test the liquid/plastic limits
as it slips out from beneath
(and no) you can’t play god with a nation
and separate it from the soil
if the fabric is rooted deep

And though it's slipping away, we're myopic in our sight
I'm gonna give it away, cuz if it's not in my way
I guess today will be allright
And when it reaches our doorstep
on the final night
We gonna get down and pray, but the thing we gave away
was the ability for humanity to set this tilting tanker right

Can’t believe something’s wrong
for the last time
this feeling is so typical
Can’t believe that something’s wrong
for the last time you’ll feel it on your own
oh the last time you’ll feel this on your own
oh the last time I’ll do this all alone

How we gonna hang when the groove close in the cup
Figure out wrong, now the song it wrapping up
we have to go back, find the genesis of wrong
but the thread that we weave is too long

Rasta tell yuh is a game they play but we don't care
With our eyes closed we don't see them pulling out the chair
Rasta tell you that the ones we think are better, yeah
well they're just better at crossing their fingers while they swear
… us, the back of the bus
is the safest place to be while we reach prosperity
when the tires squeal they go take the wheel
cuz suits always leave home with para-chutes
bottoms of cliffs are ours to feel

When the world stops breathing
mother grips her baby tight…she says it’s all right
and thinks:
(never should have stopped, every kiss was a blessing)
(I wasted so much time when I could have been expressing that)
(you became my world all the rest was trivial)
(how could I deny this life is beautiful)

How we gonna let the ones we need to protect
grow up in a crumbling house
We got it
Figured out now, no more askin em how
Baby's out of the corner and vex
to stop it
we go have to test the limits fore we reach our own
Mama D'lo wants us to answer the phone – don't be gone.

We’re just slipping away
It’s all slipping away


from Staylefish, released December 21, 2012
Produced by: Staylefish and Jimi Tanney

Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Jimi Tanney at The Vault Recording Studio, London, ON

Mastered by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Mastering



all rights reserved


Staylefish London, Ontario

Brent Chenier
Dereyk Goodwin
Richard "Mr. Dreddy" Howard
Chad Kivisto
Scott Parker
Dan Tran

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